Leadership team

Our Pastor along with other dedicated ministers serve in the areas of teaching, prayer, evangelism, faith formation, children, youth, congregational care, welcome, follow up and community engagement.

An able volunteer leadership team also oversees the church facilities, media, finances, communication, music and events and each member of the team is willing to assist in the day-to-day operation of our church.

Babatunde Akinfisoye

Pastor Babatunde is the senior and founding Pastor of My Father’s House Dunstable. He is an accomplished author of four books: Now that you have received Christ, Matthew’s Gospel: a bible study guide, Acts of the Apostles: a bible study guide and The Most Excellent Way. He is a passionate Bible teacher and preacher, and is known for his thoroughness in the teaching God’s Word and practical insights. 

Babatunde is passionate about equipping fellow leaders and encouraging our congregation to engage with the Word of God. His ministry began as a youth leader in the Anglican Church, in Youth for Christ and as a President of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International back in Nigeria.

His insight and understanding of God’s Word have been a blessing to the many believers he has had the privilege of teaching over the years. He enjoys sharing what God has taught him about the ministry of Jesus’ followers and disciples as were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Babatunde enjoys reading, teaching and playing table tennis. Babatunde is married to Kemisola and they have two children.

Kemisola Akinfisoye

Pastor K as popularly called is the co-founding pastor with her husband Pastor Babatunde. She heads the youth ministry and is devoted to the young peoples’ spiritual growth, welfare and wellbeing. She likes to see them grow up in the right environment and see parents enjoy the fruit of their labour. She is also passionate about relationships and enjoys to see it blossom as God intended.

Kemisola works closely with other leaders on different projects in My Father’s House- the Coffee Mornings, Raven Project and oversees Community Outreach. The thing Kemisola loves most about My Father’s House is that the more one comes to know about this church, the more one is amazed and inspired about what God is doing.

Kemisola loves sewing, enjoys reading and watching good movies.

Adesoji Adesiyan

Pastor Adesoji heads the Evangelism and Medical Outreach Teams. He is passionate about soul-winning and caring for others genuinely. His ability to stand firm on the Word of God has proven him to be a man of great faith. Adesoji is a teacher of God’s Word and takes great delight in leading various forms of bible study.

A general practitioner [GP] by profession, he takes interest in reading material not only on the latest medical knowledge but books on Christian faith. His hobbies vary from watching the latest TV shows to spending quality time with his family.

Olaitan Adesiyan

Pastor Olaitan is the pastor of the Yoruba Church and she also heads the Prayer Ministry of My Father’s House. For many years, she has operated in the office of an intercessor with a prophetic unction for families, the church, leadership, communities and nations. She is and continues to be influential in the area of prayer and leadership which is a blessing to the body of Christ, the Church.

Olaitan is the president of Breach Repairer Ministries, a non-denominational ministry that leads, prays and supports Christians in leadership.

Tilade Busari

Deaconess Tilade heads the Children’s Ministry of My Father’s House. She is an experienced midwife who is passionate about impacting the next generation so they are firmly rooted in Christ.

In her downtime, Tilade likes to sing, read and cook. She also enjoys running her catering service Tkitchen. She is married to Olayinka and they are blessed with two children.

Adeola Roberts

Adeola is an ordained deaconess and has been a member of My Father’s House since 2012 and has volunteered in various departments over the years. She has an infectious love for life, a deep love for people and is passionate about empowering people to boldly walk in the fullness of the promises of God.

She currently oversees the Hospitality Department. Adeola enjoys reading, music, watching sports and travelling.

Abayomi Ajayi

Pastor Yomi has a passion for using his gifts to serve God while edifying the body of Christ. This has encouraged and enabled him to serve in various teams and departments within the church.

He heads the Multimedia team in the church and is a part of the Bible Study Ministry where he is one of the teachers. He believes that practical knowledge and understanding of the Word of God is key to spiritual growth. Therefore, he spends time developing his knowledge of the scriptures so he can effectively teach and impact others.

He is also passionate about music and serves in the Music Ministry where he plays the drums.

Abayomi along with his wife, Temitope coordinate the Marriage Ministry in My Father’s House and are blessed with 2 children.

He enjoys music, sports and travelling.

Adedoyin Amuwo

Adedoyin is an ordained Deaconess who passionately loves and commits to helping people reach their full potential. She has oversight of the Ushering Team in My Father’s House and contributes to general service areas within our church as required.

Adedoyin was born into an Anglican family where she embraced the art of worship as a chorister for the first time. Adedoyin loves to worship God and she loves to minister to the welfare, emotional and psychological wellbeing of all around her especially women.

Adedoyin is a public speaker and she loves to write poems and articles.